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AOC Production is a full-fledged video production company specialized in making videos for start-ups from the beginning to end. Our work towards a comprehensive concept of video content focusing people, company, product and service at the center encompassing target audience, social media reach and a detailed analysis of the content incorporating marketing and branding of the company. Team AOC Production works with the aim of ushering a video content strategy which is planned and executed to attain maximum reach and visibility and has a direct impact in terms of leads, conversion rates and ROI for businesses. AOC Production works on all formats of video production starting from corporate video services, product and service explainers, training, events, documentaries, interviews, short-films, ad films, animated videos to testimonies/reviews, feedback and CSR. Aiming at delivery high-quality content, AOC's settles for the biggest and the best video content.

Why Use Videos ?

  •   Increased visibility online
  •   Better visitor engagement
  •   Easier communication
  •   For social media
  •   Increased ROI
  •   Returning Visitors
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We Connect

We are AOC Production, a full service video production company in Bangalore. We are a team of filmmakers and marketing experts who partner with brands, individuals, institutions, corporate and startups to produce online video content, corporate films, short movies, educational films and event films.

Our approach to filmmaking is driven by a simple question "Do we reach out?" Our team together understands films and makes films that answer the question with a "YES!". Our passion is to tell real life stories and creative stories which resonate with the audience.

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