Commercial video production

AOC's Commercial Projects Group produces work for in-house marketing teams, and ambitious commercial enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

We Are Specialized In

Social Marketing Ads Videos

We work on social marketing ads to increase customer engagement so that your brand can open the door to gaining repeat purchases. In addition, the two-way communication style of social media allows you to grab your customer's hand through the buying process and you're able to answer product-related questions, develop deeper relationships, and add more value to the customer.

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Teaser Videos

Our teaser campaigns are especially created to carve a niche for itself in the consumer market which can effectively communicate about the differential advantage of one brand over the other. Creating brand interest with teaser campaign, we work on helping the consumer to connect exclusively with the brand, gain brand recall and make advertising more creative.

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Social Marketing Promo Videos

Starting with great content, our social marketing promo covers the whole promotion strategy. Making content better than all the other content out there, we make compelling content to catch our customer's attention.

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Advertisement Video

Our ideation starts from creating breathtaking, eye-catching, successful ads that makes people relate to other people. We include target people into ad which help draw target audience in a short span of time.

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GIF Videos

gif video production

Making the best use of GIFs as a medium for humorous effect and to show a fun, likable company culture, AOC's GIFs are for brands and various companies to have the commercial edge through messages and seamless advertisements, such as banners and leader boards.

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