Corporate Video Production

If you are looking for Brand Videos, training videos, corporate event video, corporate presentation, B2B video or documentaries, we can do it for you in your budget.

We Are Specialized In

Customer Testimonial Video

Our customer testimonial videos connect you with your peers about their experience of why and how their decisions are crucial in strengthening their businesses. We focus on how a particular environment supports individual and companies to get the right space, product and services to compete in the market.

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Milestone Video

Your milestone is our cornerstone and we take pride in appreciating it by telling your story putting together the best of audio and visual content to showcase what you have achieved as an individual, team and the company as a whole.

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Brand Video

We create videos which leaves the viewer with a distinct feeling about who you are and what you do and make them curious to find out more about you. Keeping the message clear and precise, our brand videos incorporate the core message and value proposition keeping branding in subtle ways focusing on presences or choices. Making videos everything which connects, our brand videos furnishes the energy which the audience can feel and relate to while watching.

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Explainer Video

Our explainer video is a way to create a video through interviews and explaining in detail about your products and services. The explainer videos are created around what makes you stand out from the rest in your product ideation and the uniqueness of the services you provide for the benefit of your customers.

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Training Video

Training Video Production

At AOC, we create training videos keeping in mind the social media aspect which is effective for informal learning where experienced staff can share tips with younger team members. We share these videos across all digital marketing platforms for people to explore how to connect better with staff and improve training.

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Marketing Video

Our marketing video is a well researched, planned and strategized video marketing approach which influences the audience to connect with the company, relate to the product and transforms the behavior from viewing, linking or sharing to buying.

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Company Story Video

Our focus is to tell a company story which customers gets benefited and engages with your brand's service or product. We give priority to your organization as the stars and make the video to shine when telling your story: turning the spotlight back onto your customer and the value they get from interacting with your organization.

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Viral Video

By creating a viral video, our goal is to encourage viewers to share the video with their friends. We make viral videos which are easy to understand and simple to the point with crisp audio and clean images. Our viral videos cater to people even with shortest attention span grasping what's going on.

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Event video

Our event videos make your brand more transparent, increasing customer trust and helping you to stand out from the competition. AOC's event videos provide brand awareness by making event video promotion part of your wider marketing campaign. Our video content show viewers that you're an active business, taking a leading role within your sector and our content extend the marketing potential of your event by filming it and repurposing it into promo videos.

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