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Contains educational and informational videos, used to train staff of the organisation.
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Use Of training videos

Our training videos are focused on narration and voice-overs to give the viewer a full understanding, built in links to insert links into the video to test the user making the training video more interactive. We are seasoned in corporate training video production and our videos are conceptualized with simulations helping the user to take the real experience in a guided environment, step by step tutorials which can be used effectively as tutorials and training presentations including animation, music, images, and highlights can all be used within the presentation to make it more compelling to watch.

Knowing the audience is the most important aspect of ensuring that a video is remembered for a long time and recalled for the concept. A video on a corporate culture will be best suited for B2B communication for training, recruitment and collaborations as against a video on water purifier which is intended for B2C communication explaining about the product and service. We are doing this kind of training video production to provide a deeper insight and to track engagement levels.

A corporate training video production makes things easy to grab which are perplexing to analyze or understand. Making people curious about what's next and keeping them in the loop helps to generate more interest and spread the word among the masses. The video should not be one-sided focusing on only on products and services. A company sharing the purpose of company's existence, customer feedback and responses on what the customer means to them is one of the best ways to follow-up a video series.

At AOC, we do rigorous training video production keeping in mind the social media aspect which is effective for informal learning where experienced staff can share tips with younger team members. We share these videos across all digital marketing platforms for people to explore how to connect better with staff and improve training.

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