Entertainment Video

There are moments which are saved in your memory, moments which fade away with the passage of time and moments you witnessed and recall by searching on social media. These are visuals which go around and comes around in various stages of life but some of it remains forever as there is either a fun and exciting moment, personal involvement, something you can relate to and something which tickled your senses. All these are entertainment like some of the television commercials which are close to your heart. The common factor is you be it your involvement or interest.

Our entertainment video reflects your sense of humour, passion and commitment to communicate and engage with your target audience in a way which creates an image, makes people relate to, recall and stays forever in the hearts and minds of your customers who turned loyal to your product and service.

Our entertainment video tells a story with the human angle or touches highlighting the impact created touching upon lives is much more appealing and hard to forget. A video featuring an individual, group or a community who have been benefited by a company’s business strategies and giving back to the society becomes the talk of the town and goes viral reaching a level which is hard to erase and becomes a testimonial.

We Are Specialized In


Starting from scripting a short film, we engage in a form of cinematic storytelling. Keeping a short film in accordance with the specific length, we make your short film script as short as possible to make it cost effective. Making optimum use of digital technology, our short films encapsulates all the humor, emotions and story to create real appeal in just a few minutes.

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Educational videos

At AOC, we believe in creating educational videos for institutions and business to provide cost-effective education and staff training which can be accessed across portable technologies like laptops, smart phones and tablets are allowing easier access to a growing number of inexpensive online training resources.

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Starting from formulating the basic idea of the film as precisely and clearly as possible, we work towards ideation with clarity to make a documentary including what it is about and where the story is going.

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Music Videos

Music videos

Before we go ahead to include music in videos, we research and find out which music suits best for a particular video. From a wide selection of music available, we pick up the best which captivates your audience and makes them feel an integral part of the video.

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