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Contains videos intended to document the realities of the society or videos made on events.
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Use Of short documentary videos

AOC engages in documentary video making with the starting point to think of an interesting topic that all the members of a group are enthusiastic about.

Documentary video production formulates the basic idea of the film as precisely and clearly as possible, we work towards ideation with clarity to make a documentary including what it is about and where the story is going.

We as one of the best documentary video makers in the business, embark on thorough research on your topic or source of inspiration. In order to get a fairly good understanding of the person and his or her story, our team engages with face to face interaction through visits for test interviews to give an impression of the person's limits, boundaries and what he or she is willing to talk about.

AOC executes a documentary video production as a sort of creative adaptation of reality, regardless of whether the camera acts as "a fly on the wall" or a voice-over commentary intervenes and interprets the pictures for the viewer. All documentaries are somewhere in between inventing and capturing reality, between the subjective and the objective, and although the distance between the two poles is short, we strive to work on where the film is placed between these poles.

Our editing work on a documentary involves all the essentials and identifying bad bits. To pack it professionally, visually aesthetic and appealing, we eliminate bad bits to give the documentary a complete form.

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