Meeting and events

AOC , because we care about your events

From the inception of your plan for the event till producing the final videos, AOC Production can be a part of your event in every aspect. From planning the requirements for the event like staging requirements and gear requirements, we can help you with the tiniest details to ensure that the event is made to exhibit glamour and that the final video is made to showcase your event. Our event team will ensure at all times that no matter which type the event is, we produce a video that can exceed your expectations.

AOC has constantly been a pioneer media production company in Bangalore when it comes to event production. We produce event videos and conduct events of top notch quality. Our dedicated team have the experience they have gained over the years in the field which makes them able to produce the best events that are planned and conducted. Our pre-production, production and post production teams come together in planning and bringing out footages of excellent quality which are stitched together to bring out the essence of your event.

The pre-production team upon discussion with the client analyse the event and plan about the requirements for the events. They also choose the production team that is sent for the event according to the requirements. The production team comes to your event and ensure that the best footages are shot and collected which is then provided for the post production team. The post production team is built of experts who have been brought together to ensure that the video content produced is up to the mark of the clients. The video produced is then given to the quality control team to ensure there are no snags in the video and that the content is of satisfactory quality for the client.

We Are Specialized In

Convention VIDEOS

Convention video production

At AOC, we cover when you meet and greet to provide our visual treat. Your meetings are marked in our calendar and your events are pinned on our dashboard. Our videos capture your work environment and the ambience at the work place and give the best in terms of the overall semblance.

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Award show video production

Your stage is our work zone to capture the moments which goes around and comes around every second. We gather each moment as a gem stone to be added in every string of your jewelry of glory. The achievements of you and your team are captured and stored forever as a remembrance until the next big performance.

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Product launch video production

We capture your product Launch as introducing what's new has arrived in the market. We launch with the enthusiasm which makes energy swirl with the excitement of the fresh breeze of your new arrival. AOC aims to get the attention of the target audience and retention of the product's value-proposition. Irrespective of you and your company, our launch ideation has the itinerary.

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Social gatherings are important be it for a cause to celebrate an occasion. Accompanying in every kind of happening, AOC shoots the events for the public by the public. We emphasize on public events in terms of the seriousness of the issue and capture the mood of the people and the essence of the issue as it unfolds.

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