Small Businesses Video Production

We work with small businesses in the field of fashion, food and travel. Our aim is to work closely with each client to ensure satisfaction. We make sure that the we create is not only entertaining, but also create tangible results for your business

Why Videos

  • Increase your online visibility?
  • Drive more qualified traffic to your site
  • Convert more of that traffic into leads and business
  • Create a brand to reach out to larger audience
  • More Visibility of your product
  • Video increases your confidence in business

Video Marketing Packages

We have teamed up to create a powerful Video Marketing Package, designed specifically for small businesses and professionals looking to generate more online leads and grow their business. Our team will understand what kind of video would engage your audience. We create a powerful script that will educate, empower and entertain your ideal customer and we make sure to best market your videos. so that they get seen by the widest possible audience. To reach the right kind of audience below is the types of video marketing package we offer our customers

Company introduction video

Introduce your company to the people. Detailed videos that explain the details of your product’s features or the different services you offer is a great way to provide more information and help your audience decide to buy.


testimonial video screenshot

Testimonials Video

Customer testimonial videos to persuade people to buy your product

We work with you and create a customer testimonial video to help your potential buyers to make the right decision and persuade them to buy your products.


Promotional Brand film

Brand films bring you and your product to life. They help you stand out from a sea of competition by showcasing your passion and excitement. Brand films also give your target audience a better understanding of your product or service while making you more appealing and relatable. Additionally, brand films give your business a polished, professional look. If you want a subjective, engaging, and emotive video for your business that leaves your potential clients to come to you we have the right tools and people to work for you.


promotional image
training video screenshot

Training videos

We provide full service training video production. We can work with an existing concept or help you define your training video vision. Our video training production team will then work writing the script, shooting, editing and delivering the finished product


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