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Project Details

This video produced by AOC Production - one of the best and professional video production company that provides the quality video and article content for all various kind of business promotions, branding, and advertising videos, talks about one of the top incubation center located in Bangalore.

Promoting the services and features provided by the Global INcubation Services widely known as GINSERV, a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and accelerator operated from Bangalore, a video gives the information of the company.

A three-minute video of the company story puts light on the journey of the company and the start-ups telling about how they got connected with Ginserv. It also features the experience of the startups and the entrepreneur who have been receiving the services of Ginserv and how they are developing their business with the facility and programs organized for helping the companies working with them.

AOC Production Company is glad for receiving an opportunity to cover a video of such wonderful space and grateful to the Chief operating officer, Vinod Shankar for all the support given to us.

"There are plenty of problems to be solved here. Do not choose and solve the problem what others are doing, rather pick your own and try to solve that. That way you will be thinking out of the box" - Vinod Shankar - COO, Ginserv.