Why use Videos?

  • Increased visibility online :
    More than 70% of web traffic is generated through videos.

  • Better visitor engagement :
    65% of viewers watch more than 3/4 of the video.

  • Easier communication:
    64% of customers make online purchase after watching videos.
    More than 90% of customer claims that product videos are easier to make a decision on a purchase.

  • Increased ROI :
    76% of business companies have expected that video provides good returns on investments.
    Product videos claim to increase conversion rate by 80%

  • For social media :
    Every year more than 15-20% of social media increase globally, reaching 2.8 billion users.

  • Returning Visitors :
    Since people like watching videos that are informative and entertaining, the rate of video audience keeps increasing.

why you need to use videos